5 May 2015
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5 May 2015, Comments: 0

Wedding Flowers. Why Buy Our Silk Wedding Flowers?

We do not sell low quality, cheap silk flowers or paper flowers.

Please don’t assume that buying our silk wedding flowers is a drop in quality when compared to real flowers; we offer artificial flowers and silk flowers of superior quality, beautiful and long lasting.

There have been considerable improvements in the quality of silk wedding flowers and there are many advantages to consider.

Seasonal. Our silk wedding flowers are available all year round, flowers of your choice irrespective of season and weather.Flower species from across the globe, contemporary arrangements that look exotic and warm.

Pollen Allergies. Sufferers with hay fever and allergies choose silk wedding flowers to prevent real flower pollen from completely spoiling their wedding day.

Clothing Stains. No discoloured water from fresh flower bouquets and no pollen stains to worry about on your expensive wedding dress.

Event Planning / Venue Flowers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, layout, build, preview and plan your silk wedding flowers display. Your silk flower bouquets and venue flowers can be ordered, paid for and delivered weeks ahead of your big day.

Pre-made Bouquets. Bridal Ranges include Bardot Range and The Bronte Collection in Vintage Pink, available off the shelf to purchase, delivered within 3 – 5 days. Our silk wedding flowers are soft to touch and so highly realistic.

Unique.Personal, Handmade Bouquets. Contact us by telephone. Silk wedding flowers of your choice, pastel colours, vivid colours, serene colours, unusual colours, tear drop displays and minimalistic displays. Choose design your own shapes or even add personal jewelry.

We try to accommodate all design choices; there is a 50% deposit payable on placing order.

Please order 12 weeks before your wedding date for personalized silk bouquets.

Location.Getting married abroad, our bridal bouquet ranges are light weight and ideal for long journeys. They are easy to pack and store and you can buy months in advance and they will look just as amazing on the wedding day as when you packed them.

Redesign / Sell. Real flowers are quite delicate and can be easily damaged, silk wedding flowers have flexible stems; flower heads will not damage easily or wilt. After the wedding you can take them apart, create new styles, add to and redesign new bouquets or new displays for the home or office. After the wedding you could pass your silk wedding flowers on to relatives and friends.

Cost. In budget terms you can save a lot of money, our silk flower bouquets are less expensive than real wedding flowers.

Delivery.Planning your wedding takes considerable time and effort. Why not have your bridal bouquet and silk wedding flowers delivered to your doorstep versus going into town, the cost of parking the car or public transport and the cost of incidental purchases.

Panakeia.Ltd. Superb silk wedding flowers for the modern bride.

Buy quality silk wedding flowers at competitive prices.

We consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Shop Now.

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