Artificial Silk Flowers.

About our Artificial Silk Flowers.

There are various grades of artificial silk flowers and to be blunt, some of the cheap end artificial silk flowers, are nothing short of fake and tacky. It is arguable as to whether they should be called “flowers” at all. My wife describes them as an insult to nature.

We are a small family business and before we set up our online silk flower shop, we spent considerable time researching what products were available, levels of quality and of course costs. Many companies use different grades and descriptions to categorize artificial silk flowers. Blah, blah, blah. I am writing the typical marketing spiel, here we go again your probably thinking, they’re going to tell me they’re the best, best quality, best price, best service. Blah, blah , blah.

Artificial Silk Flowers

Camellia Flower

Panakeia: Silk Flower Shop – Our Policy Pure and Simple.

We simply look to buy high quality artificial silk flowers that we can market at a sensible price.

At Panakeia we consider quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. In the unlikely event that you were unhappy with a product we operate a 30 day money back guarantee.

Returns Information,

We all have a budget and a limit to what we can spend. However let’s face it, in reality we all get what we pay for. If you want to buy low quality artificial silk flowers, then that is your choice. We respect your choice, but you may be wasting your time on this website.

Today’s artificial silk flowers are prized for their versatility. No watering, no pollen, no soil conditioners, no seasons to consider. Silk Flowers are available all year round, buy summer flowers in the dead of winter.

Low maintenance, low care and you do not need to consider position, shade or sunlight. You can even mix flowers from all seasons in one display. In terms of conservation, artificial silk flowers offer a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.

Artificial silk flowers can transform your home. Choose silk flowers that reflect the colours and unique charms of your home, add your personal touch.

Buy artificial silk flowers that inspire. Inspired by love, the colours of the seasons, flowers with velvet like petals in many shapes and sizes.

Choose from a wide selection of finest quality artificial silk flowers, with leaves and petals that extend out to form unique shapes.

Select flowers with distinctive charm, sculptural decorations. Striking spectacles, which add height and focus to you room, office or event.

A passion for roses? Silk roses with stems complete with the thorns. Pink vintage roses, a stylish addition to any table.

Artificial silk flowers look radiant as you walk down the aisle.

The list is endless, the choice is yours …. Shop Now

Modern Artificial Silk Flowers.

Though the terms silk and artificial are used throughout the flower industry, modern flowers are rarely made of silk. Flowers termed silk and artificial are made of several different materials, depending on the desired finished quality. For mass production of modern artificial silk flowers, generally the fabric chosen is polyester. Polyester is easy to manufacture and is amenable to modern glues and dyes. Generally speaking lower cost flowers tend to have plastic stems.

Higher quality artificial silk flowers: can be made of silk, various cottons and rayon. Rayon is very smooth and soft, found commonly in curtains, it has the properties that allow the materials to “drape”. Stems are created using different diameter size wires, to ensure rigidity and stiffness of the stems and leaves. These wires can be wrapped with various materials, though generally florists green dyed paper is used which is quite robust and tear resistant. Stems can be made to look and feel very realistic, for example, we sell silk roses with stems complete the thorns.