Glass Vases, Black Lily Vases


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Glass Vases, Black Lily Vases

Checkout our range of  floor vases & quality silk flowers.

Style and colour for any room or type of occasion, create stunning displays using our black glass vases for height & visual impact.

Square Based Glass Vase.
Height: 30cm.
Diameter at Top – 3cm.
Diameter at Base – 9cm.

Vases from panakeialtd. Beautiful black lily vases, a striking centre piece for any table. Bring your living room, lounge, kitchen, hallway, foyer or even your conservatory to life with these contemporary vases. Build a dramatic and timeless display to accentuate your rooms.  Elegant indoor decoration at a realistic price.

At Panakeialtd we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Black glass vases








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