Artificial Cream Rose Anemone Bush

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Don’t assume that buying our silk flowers is a drop in quality when compared to real flowers; we offer artificial flowers and silk flowers of superior quality, beautiful and long lasting. At Panakeialtd we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers

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Rose Anemone Bush.

Height. 30 cms. Colour. Cream

The detail on our artificial rose anemone bush is quite remarkable. Impress your friends with this one. Your neighbours will be so envious, they will be green as the stem.

Simple elegance, if you are looking for a quality flower spray with high impact then look no further. The extent to which our rose anemone bush emulates mother nature, has to be seen to be believed. The colour, texture and attention to detail, all combine to make this rose anemone bush, the perfect choice for designing unique and vivid flower arrangements in your home, office or event.

Why Buy Our Artificial Rose Anemone Bush?

  1. Unlike our artificial plants, FRESH anemone flowers can be poisonous, all parts of the fresh plant are potentially toxic to cats dog and mammals, see link.
  2. Contemporary arrangements that look exotic and warm.
  3. They do not require watering or feeding.
  4. Pollen free – no related allergy problems and no clothing stains to worry about.
  5. Available all year -artificial rose anemone bush is never out of season.
  6. Longer lasting – less cost long term, if you spent £5.00 /week on fresh flowers = £260/year.
  7. Artificial rose anemone bush does not wilt or drop leaves and petals.
  8. They are delivered to your doorstep versus going into town, cost of parking the car or public transport, time to shop and cost of incidental purchases.
  9. Because you want to buy a quality product at a competitive price.
  10. Rose anemone bush  bush will look its best for many years to come.
  11. At Panakeialtd we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers

We cannot guarantee the life span of  our artificial rose anemone bush silk flowers if used outdoors.

All our flowers are shipped to you boxed and may require a minimal amount of stem and petal shaping.

All products are designed for a specific use – We sell products for decoration purposes only.

The products are not toys, ensure you use as a decoration only.

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