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Burnt Orange Anemone silk flower stems.

A very impressive Orange Anemone silk flower stem.  The detail on this  flower is quite remarkable. Impress your friends with this one. Your neighbours will be so envious, they will be green as the stem.

Overall height. 37 cms. Colour. Burnt orange. Flower head.  7 cms diameter. All dimensions are approximate.

A stunning example of a silk orange anemone flower. This silk flower would make an impressive statement in your home or office. The natural look and feel of this flower is quite remarkable, it is so realistic!  This flower has an adorable flower head with a darker iris centre. The fine detail on our orange anemone is extraordinary,  the picture tells a thousand words, make sure you click to enlarge and see the extent of the detail.

Special Offer- A free scented sachet worth £1.99 when you purchase 10 orange anemone stems or any anemone colour mix of 10 anemone stems, choose your sachet below and enter your choice in the order notes section of the checkout page, alternatively use our contact page.

satchet 2

 Arranging your orange anemone stems.

Anemones can be used as a single stem statement for display purposes or massed together to produce superb colourful decorations. The stems can be can be cut and shortened to suit any vase / display combination you choose to use.

Why buy our orange anemone stems?

  1.     They do not require watering or feeding.
  2.     Pollen free – no related allergy problems and no clothing stains to worry about.
  3.     Available all year -orange anemone silk flowers are never out of season.
  4.     Longer lasting – less cost long term, if you spent £5.00 /week on fresh flowers = £260/year.
  5.     They do not wilt or drop leaves and petals.
  6.     They are delivered to your doorstep versus going into town, cost of parking the car or public transport, time to shop and cost of incidental purchases.
  7.     Because you want to buy a quality product at a competitive price.

At Panakeialtd we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

We cannot guarantee the life span of our orange anemone silk flower stems if used outdoors.

All our flowers are shipped to you flat packed and may require a minimal amount of stem and petal shaping.

All products are designed for a specific use – We sell orange anemone silk flower stems for decoration purposes only. These products are not toys, ensure you use as a decoration only.

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