Bud Vases


Bud Vases.

20 cm cylinder bud vases.

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Bud Vases.

20 cm cylinder bud vases.

Checkout our bud vase and range of quality silk flowers.

Style and colour for any room or type of occasion, create stunning displays using our clear glass bud vases.

Cylindrical Glass Bud Vases.
Height: 20cm.

Bud vases from panakeialtd. Beautiful bud vases, a striking centre piece for any table. Bud vases are designed to display a single flower stem or a small bunch of flowers.

Bring your living room, lounge, kitchen, hallway, foyer or even your conservatory to life with these contemporary bud vases. Build a dramatic and timeless display to accentuate your rooms.  Elegant indoor decoration at a realistic price.

At Panakeialtd we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

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What type of vase do you use for your flowers?
Flower vases and flowers to decorate our homes. Vases are available in many different materials forms, shapes, colours and patterns.

Trying to find the ideal vase for your home can sometimes be quite challenging, with this in mind we have put together some ideas and information which hopefully will help.
A tall floor vase may look impressive placed on the floor in the corner of your room to display some tall flowers, grasses or branches. However avoid positions where the vase and flowers would obstruct or overpower other focal decorations you may have.

Lighting is another important factor to consider, a bright coloured arrangement can be used brighten up dark corners. Use one colour arrangements for a minimalist look. The use of red flowers with dark grasses can be used to provide a dramatic display but be careful the vase you choose should not over power the flowers.
Remember – Location, Suitability, Colour, Balance, Lighting and Proportion

Vase Size.
The height of flowers in your vase. As a rule of thumb, a vase 15cms high would accommodate a flower arrangement approx. 23 – 30 cms high. Ratio vase to flowers equals 1 to 1½ or 2 respectively.
The bulk of the silk flowers we supply have long stems and as such can be trimmed to suit your choice of vase.
Tip – Try a single stem in the vase before cutting your flowers.

When arranging our flowers, carefully hold the stem well below the flower head and foliage and bend the base of the stem back up. Carefully put into the vase and simply check you’re happy with the height. Use this stem as a gauge to cut the rest, remembering that you will need to vary the height of the stems of your arrangement. Measure twice, cut once
Small vases can be used for the dining table, shelf or bathroom or simply to add colour to other parts of your home or office.

Bud Vases tend to be thin and rounded and are designed for a small flower arrangement or a single stem statement.
Shape and Material
Glass transparent vases are the probably the most versatile, though you can create your own colour vases using coloured sands, pebbles and even small shells. Many designers use a number of coloured sands etc. to create multicolored vases, adding a personal touch, something different and they can look truly amazing.




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