Bud Vase

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Bud Vase. Click on image to zoom out

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Bud Vase.

GLA2180 24 x 42.

Checkout our bud vase and range of quality silk flowers.

Style and colour for any room or type of occasion, create stunning displays using our clear glass  vase.

Cylindrical Glass Vase.
Height: 24cm.
Diameter  – 4 cm.

Vases from panakeialtd. Beautiful bud vases, a striking centre piece for any table. These vases are designed to display a single flower stem or a small bunch of flowers.

Bring your living room, lounge, kitchen, hallway, foyer or even your conservatory to life with these contemporary vases. Build a dramatic and timeless display to accentuate your rooms.  Elegant indoor decoration at a realistic price.

At Panakeialtd we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Silk Gerberas

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Weight 250 g


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