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Do n0t assume that buying our dried flowers is a drop in quality when compared to real flowers. We offer dried flowers of superior quality. Beautiful and long lasting. At Panakeialtd, we consider that quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Dried Flowers UK.

All our dried flowers are UK grown. Natural dried flowers create stunning floral  arrangements, providing attractive home decorations and a country theme for all of your visitors and friends to admire, not once, but every time they visit.
Dried flowers make an impressive statement on their own but why not combine with our silk flowers to produce stunning centrepieces, wall displays or even to brighten up a corner in a room.

Create a natural and seemingly vintage mark on a small space in your home. Dried flowers add lasting beauty to your home throughout the year, they don’t need to be watered have very little upkeep and are significantly cheaper than buying live flowers on a regular basis. Most dried flowers will last for many years when well cared for.

Dried flowers look, traditional, rustic, natural and warm and they won’t cost you a fortune.

Natural dried flowers, style your own wedding. Your personal wedding theme, create your own signature style and capture that natural look that is perfect.  Dried flower bunches not only make unusual bridal bouquets, flower hearts, posies and corsage but they can also be used for table decorations, pew ends, wedding favours and you can even make your own confetti. Dried flowers make an impressive statement on their own but why not combine with our silk flowers to produce stunning wedding centrepieces

Caring for your Dried Flowers.

Dried flowers can last for years, avoid rooms with high humidity – exposure to moisture will shorten your flowers life span. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, over time the colours can fade and the flowers and stems can become brittle.

Deal with people that care.

We are a family run company supplying top quality silk flower stems, bunches and bouquets, natural dried flowers and bespoke wedding flower arrangements.

Our overheads are small; therefore cheaper flower prices are in-turn passed to our  customers.

We believe all our flower products are very competitively priced. Our flowers represent good value, shipped to you with no hassle or fuss.

We dispatch a 10% discount voucher code with all our confirmed flower orders.

10% off your next flowers purchase or you can pass the voucher to a friend.

Please use our contact page to provide your feedback; we always examine your feedback looking to improve on our range of flower products, customer support and the level of service we provide.

We value your flower order, no matter how small it is.

Our Contact details.

Panakeia Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 8585542.
Email address:
Mobile: 07845 476975.

All our flowers are shipped to you boxed and may require a minimal amount of stem and petal shaping.

All products are designed for a specific use – We sell products for decoration purposes only.

The products are not toys, ensure you use as a decoration only.

Dried flower arrangements & accessories for you to choose, when you have finished browsing our Dried Flowers UK Gallery, why not checkout our Wedding Gallery.

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Dried Flowers UK